About Us


About us

Founded in Singapore in 2014, Vantage Point Security quickly established an enviable reputation for technical excellence in providing comprehensive security testing services for the protection of our customers business critical digital assets and confidential data. Our proven expertise in cloud and mobile technology security testing makes us the partner of choice for a growing number of blue-chip organizations that place a high value in making security an important pillar in their strategic business digital transformation initiatives.


Vantage Point have developed considerable expertise in security testing technically complex systems over many years. We continuously maintain and update our testing methodologies to ensure technical knowledge always remains relevant. Our security testing services are highly effective in minimizing the risks of a security compromise that could result in a loss of confidential data or compromise of restricted functionality that would adversely damage business operations and reputation.

Why CHOOSE Vantage Point

Choosing the right security partner can be a challenge for business stakeholders and procurement professionals when anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can become a security testing provider. CREST accreditation provides our customers the assurance they need in choosing Vantage Point Security as their preferred security partner and trusted adviser. CREST examinations are recognised by the professional services industry and buyers as being the best indication of knowledge, skill, and competence. CREST is increasingly a mandated requirement for those hiring or buying independent security testing services.

By choosing Vantage Point Security penetration testing services you will have assurance that:

  • You are dealing with a trusted organisation with a proven track record for quality.
  • Our people have signed up to an independent code of conduct.
  • Our penetration testers are minimally all CREST Registered security professionals.
  • We have a proven penetration testing methodology that is continuously updated to remain relevant with new and emerging threats.
  • Our reports support compliance for external security regulatory bodies including the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), HIPPA, PDPA, PCI DSS and others.
  • Our processes and procedures will have been subject to independent vetting by CREST International.
  • Your systems and data will be handled carefully, in a secure and professional manner.
  • Details of the penetration testing and its findings will be kept confidential.
  • Expert advice and support will be given on how to mitigate any identified vulnerabilities to remove these risks from your business.

Vantage Point Security