Founded in Singapore in 2014, Vantage Point Security quickly established an enviable reputation for technical excellence in providing comprehensive security testing services for the protection of business critical digital assets and confidential information. Our proven expertise in cloud and mobile technology security testing makes us the partner of choice for a growing number of blue-chip organizations that place a high value in making security an important pillar in their strategic business digital transformation initiatives.  learn more...


Choosing the right security partner can be a challenge for business stakeholders and procurement professionals when anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can set themselves up as a security testing provider. Find out why CREST provides our customers the assurance they need in choosing Vantage Point Security as their preferred security partner and trusted adviser.  learn more...

Our People

Our people are our difference. We work tirelessly to ensure our highly qualified team is constantly up to date with the knowledge, skill and competence to deal with all the latest vulnerabilities and techniques used by real attackers. Technical skills are validated through the CREST certification framework which must be renewed every 3 years. learn more...

SECURITY compliance

Our approach and methodologies have been developed consistent with broader standards of compliance for our customers that must validate their security posture to external regulatory bodies particularly within the banking, finance, healthcare and electronic payments industries.  learn more...

What We Do

Penetration Testing
Identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in applications, networks and cloud infrastructure the same way threat actors would attack your business-critical digital systems.  

Managed Services
Scale your security testing program for unlimited on demand security testing that optimizes your security budget, maximizes operational efficiencies and delivers outstanding security outcomes.  

Red Team Exercises
Conducting Red Team exercises to simulate attack scenarios that may occur if an organization were targeted by an Advanced Persistent Threat such as a nation state or sophisticated criminal organisation

Phishing Simulation
Phishing campaigns designed to evaluate staff  awareness regarding the dangers of potentially malicious email messages and attachments.  

Mobile Security Testing
Mobile application security testing aligned to the OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG) with coverage of features unique to the iOS and Android ecosystems.

Security Training
Train your developers to build security into your applications as they develop. Building secure applications from the beginning reduces the costs and delays for remediating security problems at the end of development.

Application Security Testing
Identify coding bugs and security design flaws in business-critical applications during development with Static Source Code Analysis (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST).  

Security Solutions
Vantage Point partners with world’s leading security technology companies for the best in breed security solutions. 


Who We Work With

Banking and Finance

Utility Providers



Healthcare Providers

FINTech Solutions

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